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     The municipality features mountainous relief. The average above sea elevation is 1136 m. The lowest point is 770 m, the highest one – peak Batashki Snezhnik – 2082 m. Peak Syutkya (2186 m) rises in the southwestern part of Batashka Planina mountain. Apart from Batashki Snezhnik two peaks rise south of Batak - Ostri Vrah (1957 m) and Semerelan (1817 m). The large and flat Beglika locality runs south of these peaks as far as the Kamen Dyal pass. The Beglishka river runs through this a picturesque locality and feeds two dam lakes – Golyam Beglik and Beglika.


     The climate of the region is temperate continental. In the low area (up to 1000m) – transitory continental but in the mountain and highland area it has mountainous character. 
The average annual temperature is 13о-15оC, the annual temperature amplitude is 20.1оС. The winters are not cold. The average temperature in January is from 3о to 5оC. During the spring and autumn the fogs are in the gorge of the Stara Reka river and the sun shines in the town of Batak. The summer is cool.
The northern and north-eastern winds with average velocity of 1.2 m/sec. predominate in the region. The annual sum of the precipitation is 685 mm/sq m, which imposes rational use of the available water reserves.
During winter the snow blanket is up to 65 cm in the town and 150 cm in the mountain. The snow blanket lasts from 2 to 5 months.


     The soil cover in the region of Batak municipality is represented by alluvial, turf–marsh and meadow soils.
The highland parts are covered mainly by cinnamon forest, light brown and dark brown forest soils and mountain-meadow soils which favour stock breeding and potato growing.

Water Resources



Batak Lake  

     Batashki hydroelectric way covers an area of 3600 sq. km including the Batashka Planina mountain. About 150 rivers and streams gather their waters from its water catchment area (761 sq. km). They feed seven artificial lakes and three power plants with total power of  220 000 kW. North of the town of Bataka lake of the same name is located - it is 17 km long and 4 km wide and contains 315 m m3 water. There are four lakes more in the municipal territory – Beglika, Golyam Beglik, Shiroka Polyana and Toshkov Chark. Their total capacity is 8355 m m3 water.
The Stara Reka river (long 61 km and water catchment area – 27,2 km) is the main water artery lying through the municipal territory.
The waters of these water tanks are not used for irrigation in the region of the municipality because of the relief of the area.

Flora and Fauna

     The nature resources, the wealth and diversity of the forest areas are the main reason for the game diversity – deer, roe deer, wild boars, goat, bear, wolves, fox. Representatives of the small mammals in these lands are hare, hedgehog, squirrel and of the birds – cock-of-the-wood, wood pigeon, crow, partridge, thrush.  Wild duck and goose can be seen in the water areas.

Protected Areas

     Two reserves with total area of 2653 ha are located in the territory of Batak municipality – Dupkata (under UNSECO protection) and Beglika. There are 10 protected areas (1850.4 hа total area). The largest one is called Batashki Snezhnik – 1054 ha Fotenski Vodopad (waterfalls) covering an area of 12,1 ha is located here, too.



State Forestry Company - Batak

        The forests cover  57815.3 ha of the territory of Batak municipality. The area of the forests for special purpose is  21406.6 ha (37%) of them:
  • for protection – 2570.7 ha (12%)
  • for recreation 3191.1 ha (14.9%)
  • protected areas – 5284.6 ha
  • others – 10361.2 ha (48.4%)

The total timber stock of the municipality amounts to 13 567 600 m3 and  the annual increment is 184 092 m3.
There are three operating forest-tree nursery (6, 8 ha total area) located in the territories of three state forestry companies and aiming at seedlings production for afforestation. Seedlings of six timber species are grown here. 
According to the forest planning projects of the state forestry annually about 189 ha are put under timber. According to the tree species the spruce has the biggest share - 67.6%, white pine – 28.9%, black pine – 0.7%, fir - 0.3%, white fir – 0.3%.

     The officials from the Regional Administration of the Forests - Pazardjik carry out the systematic management for the timber production and conservation in the territories of five municipalities -  Batak, Borovo, Beglika, Rhodopi and Shiroka Polyana.
After the restructuring of the forest co-operatives into state forestry the timber, afforestation and reserve activities are carried out by EAD Batashki Snezhnik Company. It gives the private companies the opportunity to take part in the afforestation and to make use of the forest.
The strategic purpose is: balanced and multifunctional use of the timber resources.

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